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Sustainable Forestry

Regenerative Agriculture

Smart Farming

Agro Waste Management

Reducing emissions from livestock

Low Carbon Meat & Dairy

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Agriculture & Food Startups, Investors & Intelligence at CLIMAFIX Summit 2023

Agriculture & Food is one of the main decarbonization themes at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 to be held on Sep 22 & 23, Chennai and organized by EAI and IIT Madras - Energy Consortium.

The CLIMAFIX Summit is India's largest Indian climate startup gathering, with over 250+ startups from around India, 120+ investors and 300 other key stakeholders from corporate and entrepreneur sector. Know more about the summit from here.


After power generation, transport and industrial processes, agriculture is the fourth largest greenhouse gas emissions sector in India.

Unlike the industrial sector, where most emissions come from the use of energy, emissions in the agriculture sector result from both energy use and non-energy source. Some of the prominent emission sources in this sector includes the use high carbon footprint fertilizers, use of energy for irrigation, and methane and NO2 emissions released during the cultivation of rice and other crops.

India is the largest producer of cotton in the world, a crop whose cultivation has a large carbon footprint. India is also the second largest producer of rice in the world (after China), and rice is another crop with a massive carbon footprint. While awareness and farmer education can perhaps reduce some portion of this footprint, many other options, alternatives and innovations need to be attempted to significantly bring down India's agri sector CO2 emissions.

A number of startups have started providing innovative solutions all along the agri value chain that add sustainability while lowering the carbon footprint. The rise of regenerative agriculture and precision farming have added significant impetus to innovations and startup efforts in the sector.

The Low Carbon Agri & Food sector within the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 will have over 25 startups sharing their insights and providing brief presentations of their value propositions.

In addition, we expect about 100 relevant delegates to include early stage sustainable & low carbon agri & food startups or entrepreneurs with the potential to found startups in future.


The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s only conference plus discussion forum that focuses exclusively on climate tech startups, with one of the key focus sectors being Low Carbon Agriculture & Food.

India's food and agriculture sectors are undergoing massive changes on various fronts, and sustainability and low carbon initiatives represent one of the key domains where significant efforts are being undertaken with active support from numerous important stakeholders that includes the central and state governments. The Low Carbon Agri & Food sessions at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 will comprise startups, topics and themes that will provide invaluable insights and powerful opportuities for all the diverse stakeholders.

The CLIMAFIX Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions with the top 100 innovative startups from the Indian climate tech sector.

  • The summit provides startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporates a powerful platform to understand the latest innovations and opportunities in the Indian low carbon agri & food startup ecosystems.
  • Equally important, it provides all the stakeholders an effective networking forum for venture & corporate investors to identify innovative startups to invest in, or for  startups to identify investors and partners.
  • All the above can be done efficiently, all at one place, in just two days.

Session Topics : Agriculture & Food

Sustainable forestry

  • Digital tools for forest conservation and reforestation


Regenerative agriculture

  • Carbon trading for regenerative agriculture
  • Soil carbon measurements
  • Diagnostics for optimal soil health
  • Genomics for smart farming


Smart farming

  • Precision practices for entire farming lifecycle
  • Enhancing affordability of precision farming for small farmers


Low carbon food

  • Plant-based meat
  • Plant-based dairy & eggs
  • Cellular meat alternatives
  • Microbe-based food
  • Conversion of agri waste to value added products


Reducing emissions from livestock

  • Alternative feed that can reduce emissions
  • Sustainable management of livestock waste
  • Improving the global standards and traceability of meat and livestock industry




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