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Low Carbon Mobility Startups, Investors & Intelligence at CLIMAFIX Summit 2023

Low Carbon Mobility is one of the main decarbonization themes at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 to be held on Sep 22 & 23, Chennai and organized by EAI and IIT Madras - Energy Consortium.

The CLIMAFIX Summit is India's largest Indian climate startup gathering, with over 250+ startups from around India, 120+ investors and 300 other key stakeholders from corporate and entrepreneur sector. Know more about the summit from here.


Decarbonization of the transportation & logistics sector is critical for India's Net Zero efforts as this is one of the largest contributor sectors to CO2 emissions. Unless significant actions are undertaken these emissions are set to grow significantly, given the fast penetration of motorized vehicles into sections of the Indian consumer market.

While electric vehicles are hogging the headlines in this sector in the context of carbon footprint reduction, there are other low carbon alternatives available - prominent examples are biofuels, bio-CNG, and even enhancing the efficiency of conventional vehicles through technologies that increase mileage. Adding to these low carbon initiatives are business models such as shared mobility and efforts to increase the use of mass transit, all of which can have a positive effect on the country's transport ecosystem.

Given the large potential that the decarbonization of India's transport ecosystem presents, hundreds of startups are providing innovative solutions - all the way from a range of electric vehicle options, to biofuels, to shared last-mile mobility and innovative use of IT and digitlal tools to enhance increase logistics efficiencies.

The Low Carbon Mobility sector within the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 will have over 30 startups sharing their insights and providing brief presentations of their value propositions.

In addition, we expect 125-150 relevant delegates to include early stage low carbon mobility startups or entrepreneurs with the potential to found startups in future.


The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s only conference plus discussion forum that focuses exclusively on climate tech startups, with one of the key focus sectors being Low Carbon Mobility.

The fast growth witnessed in the electric mobility sector in India is complemented by other low carbon initiatives in the transport sector, such as biofuel blending, the move towards natural gas, and enhanced fuel efficiency and lower emissions from BS VI norms. The CLIMAFIX Summit provides the perfect platform for all key stakeholders to get a comprehensive understanding of the startups and innovations operating in the Indian low carbon mobility ecosystem.

The CLIMAFIX Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions with the top 100 innovative startups from the Indian climate tech sector.

  • The summit provides startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporates a powerful platform to understand the latest innovations and opportunities in the Indian low carbon mobility, including electric mobility, startup ecosystem.
  • Equally important, it provides all the stakeholders an effective networking forum for venture & corporate investors to identify innovative startups to invest in, or for  startups to identify investors and partners.
  • All the above can be done efficiently, all at one place, in just two days.

Session Topics : Low Carbon Mobility


Electric Mobility

  • Battery-based & fuel cell EVs
  • Electrifying heavy commercial vehicles
  • Electric cars, e-scooters & bikes
  • E-mobility as a service
  • Fast charging of Li-ion batteries
  • Battery swapping trends


Low Carbon Trucking

  • Battery electric & hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks
  • Efficient freight management
  • Improved truck design for fuel efficiency
  • Biofuels for trucks


Low Carbon Aviation & Marine Transport

  • Route planning & optimization for fuel efficiency
  • Use of biofuels in shipping and aviation
  • Alternative propulsion technologies
  • Use of digital technologies for monitoring and optimizing fuel consumption
  • Higher efficiency engines & propulsion


Low Carbon ICE Vehicles

  • Improvements in engine & powertrain efficiency
  • Flex fuel engine vehicles
  • Vehicle design for higher fuel efficiency
  • Use of digital solutions in enhancing driving & fuel efficiency


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