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Energy Storage Startups, Investors & Intelligence at CLIMAFIX Summit 2023

Energy Storage is one of the main decarbonization themes at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 to be held on Sep 22 & 23, Chennai and organized by EAI and IIT Madras - Energy Consortium.

The CLIMAFIX Summit is India's largest Indian climate startup gathering, with over 250+ startups from around India, 120+ investors and 300 other key stakeholders from corporate and entrepreneur sector. Know more about the summit from here.


With significant acceleration in its solar and wind power sectors, and a fast growing electric mobility segment, India will soon need large capacities of energy storage infrastructure.

While batteries represent the most prominent energy storage sector, significant potential also exist for thermal and mechanical storage. There is also a growing interest in the use of green hydrogen as an energy storage medium.

India represents a fast growing market for energy storage. By some estimates, the Indian Li-ion battery market alone will be close to a $10 billion market by 2030 from a size of about $2 billion in 2022, a 22% CAGR. The growth of green hydrogen over this period could be even more spectacular. Finally, non-chemical storage systems such as thermal storage and compressed air storage solutions can also see significant innovations and growth over the next ten years.

All these portend signficant innovations, and the rise of a number of exciting startups in the field of energy storage.

The Energy Storage sector within the CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 will have over 20 startups sharing their insights and providing brief presentations of their value propositions.

In addition, we expect 100-125 relevant delegates to include early stage energy storage startups or entrepreneurs with the potential to found energy storage startups in future.


The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s only conference plus discussion forum that focuses exclusively on climate tech startups, with one of the key focus sectors being Energy Storage.

Energy storage presents both a critical lever for India's decarbonization efforts, as well as a large market for Indian entrepreneurs. The CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 will provide all important stakeholders in the energy storage ecosystem a powerful platform to learn about the startups, share insights and engage in productive interactions.

The CLIMAFIX Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions with the top 100 innovative startups from the Indian climate tech sector.

  • The summit provides startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporates a powerful platform to understand the latest innovations and opportunities in the Indian energy storage startup ecosystem.
  • Equally important, it provides all the stakeholders an effective networking forum for venture & corporate investors to identify innovative startups to invest in, or for  startups to identify investors and partners.
  • All the above can be done efficiently, all at one place, in just two days.

Session Topics : Energy Storage

Battery Storage

  • Grid scale battery storage
  • Higher performance Li-ion batteries
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery recycling
  • Emerging battery types - metal air and flow batteries
  • Battery second life


Thermal & Mechanical Storage

  • PCM based thermal storage
  • Compressed air storage
  • Thermal energy storage for industrial waste heat


Green Hydrogen

  • Electrolysis & electrolyzers
  • Use of green hydrogen in different end use sectors - fertilisers, chemicals, metals
  • Use in fuel cells for transport
  • Biomass to hydrogen
  • Power2X




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