India Climate Startups Update

Startup Update

Meet the startups leveraging new-age tech to recycle plastics, non-biodegradable waste

2022-04-04 | India

YourStory brings a list of Indian startups working in waste management space to recycle non-biodegradable waste into valuable resources. Startups discussed include Phool Zerund, ZeroPlast Labs, Loopworm and MuddleArt.



Notes by Narsi

What stands out with this list of start-ups is their being selective about the type of waste and/or type of end products they produce from the waste. 

Startups like Phool use floral waste (until recently, fully ignored), a few others use select industrial waste such as textile waste, while those like Loopworm is using commodity waste like food waste but for interesting "products" like growing Black Soldier Fly that can be in turn used as animal feed.

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