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How this Pune-based startup is upcycling crop residue into packaging material, particle boards

2021-08-05 |

Craste purchases crop residues from farmers and recycles them into packaging material and engineered boards.


Notes by Narsi

If one looks at the agri waste to value hierarchy, combusting it for power should come last, its use for liquid & gaseous fuels (like ethanol & biogas/CBG) likely comes right above. Use of these for making paper, particle boards will likely more provide sllghtly more value per Kg of waste than waste to fuel.

I have a feeling that with time, we will see more startups with solutions that recover even more valuable end products from agricultural residues/waste becausew what we call biomass waste is in reality a rich amalgamation of value in the form of sugars, lipids, fibers, nutrients and more.

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