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C-Camp - India's effort to support biotech startups begins to bear fruit

2022-09-24 | India

C-Camp recently announced that seven biotech startups started with its support have together raised about $70 million this year, at a collective valuation of about $250 million. A very valuable read for those keen on understanding startup pioneers in the fast growing Indian bio-economy sector.

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Notes by Narsi

Startups featured in the news report

  • Bugworks Research - broad-spectrum anti-bacterial
  • Sea6Energy - agri, health, plastics, food and chemicals from seaweeds
  • String Bio - methane to animal nutrition, crop inputs and biodegradable polymers
  • Eyestem Research - stem cell based solution for vision loss
  • Achira Labs - lab on chip platform for diagnostic tests
  • Zumutor Biologics - anti-body engineering platform
  • Pandorum Tech - Tech platform to create 3D functional tissues