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PepsiCo’s agriculture accelerator funds 14 agri businesses in India and other countries

2022-10-22 |

Pepsi's Positive Agriculture Outcomes (PAO) Fund investments are designed to “de-risk” promising initiatives while accelerating the development of innovative technologies and approaches that can help scale the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. 

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Notes by Narsi

While one always tends to view corporate investments into projects with a bit of suspicion, it is important to know that unlike earlier, corporates have very little choice now except to invest in fairly genuine and valuable projects. In the food sector, this will in most cases imply investments in upstream part of the value chain. And with supply chain transparency increasing significantly in the last few years, many of the investments that such companies are doing (for instance, Pepsi is investing in many projects that increase soil fertility and soil carbon sequestration), will also start showing up in the carbon footprint of their products.


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