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Startup Update

The Department of Agriculture under has commenced the work for creating Agristack in India

2022-12-14 |

The Agristack is an ecosystem for facilitating the delivery of digital services to farmers by the government, Agri-tech firms, startups, FPOs, and other entities.

  • Digital Services to Farmers
  • Farmers' Database


Notes by Narsi

Appears to have a pretty aggressive and comprehensive ambitions in terms of the deliverables. This intent is also visible from the wide range of companies / organizations with which MoUs have been signed for proof of concept / use cases: from Microsoft for agri ecosystem consolidation, ITC for crop specific advisory, Cisco for knowledge sharing solutions, NCDEX for digital marketplace and more...

While such a wide ambition is indeed laudable, it also should not become too unwieldy an exercise that gets stuck, which is always a concern with so many diverse stakeholders involved!   

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