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Matter Energy, Luminous Power tie for home inverters, stationary applications

2023-01-08 | India

To collaborate around low-voltage stationary energy storage solutions, develop dual-purpose smart home dock inverter with IoT capabilities

  • Home inverter
  • Stationary storage applications


Notes by Narsi

One might wonder why a large company such as Luminous, which also has significant expertise in energy storage and related electrical solutions, need a startup working in the same field.

If one were to go with the logic given by Luminous CEO Preeti Bajaj, it is mainly owing to the Li-ion battery tech expertise that Matter Energy has.

It could well be of couse, yet, as Matter Energy are only in the battery pack component of the value chain, which isn't exactly high tech, the curiosity is not fully sated.

Perhaps it is just because it gets the Li-ion based edenergy storage products faster to the market for Luminuous? Possible, but the time gain cannot be significant...

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