India Climate Startups Update

Startup Update

Myplan8's application to sensitise people about their carbon footprint and help reduce emissions

2022-12-28 | India

Application would help track the carbon footprint caused by day-to-day lifestyle, regular travel, and food consumption habits.

  • Low carbon lifestyle
  • Lifestyle carbon emissions


Notes by Narsi

The team appears to have done a good amount of background work including the fact that the carbon footprint calculation process is based on the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Standard Framework etc.

The solution offered by the startup includes tracking, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions.

The challenge for most of these apps - as I'm sure the developers themselves know - is to get the end user to really use the intelligence and the nudges they provide. I have not seen any such app anywhere in the world achieve this, including an app we developed ourselves a few years back - which I myself stopped using after a few weeks!