India Climate Startups Update

Startup Update

Carnot Technologies is empowering farmers to take data driven decisions and earn up to 30 per cent more

2022-12-23 |

The agritech startup’s product ‘Krishe Smartkit' is a telematics system that goes on tractor/agri-machinery and helps improve the productivity from tractor usage.

  • Agricultural productivity
  • Tractor efficiency
  • Efficient farming operations


Notes by Narsi

Their two main products are Simha Telematics & Krish Diary.

The former, through IoT and telematics, makes the farmers' tractor operations far more efficient, thus increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

The latter is an app that helps farmers automate farming related expenses and receive agronomy advice.

Appears that these are targetted towards medium and large landholding farmers. With my limited wisdom, I'm not sure if smallholder farmers would find at least the latter (Krishi Diary) something truly valuable