India Climate Startups Update

Startup Update

Energy distribution startup Repos expected to grow three-fold to Rs 185 crore

2023-01-08 | India

Also plans to raise Rs 300 crores to to assist in expansion of business across India as well as a platform to offer carbon-neutral fuels such as ethanol and electric vehicle chargers.

  • On demand biofuel
  • Biofuel distribution


Notes by Narsi

This is a rather interesting startup that positions themselves as the ATM for fuels - mostly liquid fuels such as diesel. So, they supply fuels on demand in many cities. 

The first time I saw this startup classified under climate tech, I scratched my head as it was supplying mostly or fully only fossil fuels.

Not I am bit more confident to have this included in a climate tech startup site as they plan to take their product line to ethanol, and also, in some way EV chargers.

BRING - Biomass Residues Intelligence