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SETU Initiative from GoI To Empower Indian Startups

2022-09-20 | India United States

Uniion Minister Piyush Goyal recenty launched an initiative called SETU in San Fransisco, California. SETU stands for Supporting Entrepreneurs in Transforming and Upskilling. The program aims to connect Indian entrepreneurs and startups to USA investors.

  • Startup Mentoring
  • Startup Capacity Building


Notes by Narsi

There is little doubt that mentorship by experts and veterans can make a big difference to startups. The challenge is to get these mentors commit quality time, something I have seen to be a significant challenge, especially if the mentors have no tangible gains from the exercise.

You will be correct if you feel that most mentors perhaps are quite well off that they are not doing this for money. But I can tell you getting committed hours is not easy from them - so, if it is not money, then it has to be something else other than pure motivation that we should rely on.

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