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GPS Renewables Launches ‘ARYA’, a Platform for Climate-Positive Projects

2022-11-18 | India

GPS has launched ARYA, a climate infrastructure platform focused on sustainable biofuels and industrial decarbonization projects. Founded with an aim to help India achieve its Net Zero target, Arya will incubate, develop, and operate climate-positive projects, with GPS Renewables as the execution partner.

  • Decarbonization platform


Notes by Narsi

This trend is interesting - one in which firms whose main business was providing a service (in this case a solution and as an EPC) becoming also developers.

We saw this happening in solar, where firms realised that being an EPC was a one time revenue opportunity for a project but being a developer meant continuous revenues.

Of course, it requires a certain level of company capability and maturity (not to mention cash stacks) to explore this avenue. Presumably, GPS has reached that stage.

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