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Pravaig Dynamics to Put India's first Electric Supercar on Roads by November 2022

2022-09-22 | India

Bengaluru startup to launch its first electric luxury car in November, having confirmed bookings of close to 1,000 units for its debut car.

  • Electric luxury car
  • Premium electric vehicle
  • Deeptech innovation in EVs


Notes by Narsi

The car is expected to have a range of 500 Km, to speed of 200 KPH, to charge 80% in 30 minutes.

Pravaig is playing a deep tech, high stakes game. Investing significantly in R&D (took eight years for it to come out with its car), investing in making its own batteries...

Clearly aimed at the premium market, wondering how the competition in this segment will play out in future. Will it be companies such as these against international brands in India such as Toyota, Tesla etc?

Will be interesting to watch its launch in a couple of months.

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