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15 min fast charging battery for 3 wheelers - Altigreen, in collaboration with energy startup Exponent Energy, has launched the neEV Tez

2023-01-16 |

The neEV Tez features an 8.2kWh e^pack (battery pack), a proprietary battery by Exponent built using regular LFP (lithium ferro-phosphate) cell chemistry. The most prominent feature is of course the 15 minute fast charging option.

  • Electric Three-Wheeler


Notes by Narsi

I like the fact that they are starting off their efforts with the three wheeler segment, rather than two wheelers or cars.

As the Better India report says, commercial vehicles contribute to about 70% of all of India's transport emissions and thus electrifying these will go a long way towards decarbonizing road transport.

Now, the two wheeler and four wheeler segment each does contribute more than the three wheeler segment alone (the 3 wheeler segment contributes about 60% that of two wheelers and about 75% that of four wheelers), but there is a much stronger business case to electrify three wheelers than four wheels and hence adoption is likely to happen faster.

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