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Bullwork Mobility is developing autonomous electric vehicles for reducing operational cost for farmers

2022-12-08 | India

The Bengaluru based startup develops smart, connected, and autonomous electric vehicles (EVs) for the agri sector.

  • Autonomous EVs
  • Offroad EVs


Notes by Narsi

That's an interesting category to choose a startup within e-mobility - offroad vehicles.

Bullwork Mobility has developed two products—Bullwork Warrior and Vamana Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). The former is for spraying and the latter is a multipurpose robot.

While I'm sure the team had done a good amount of user interactions before coming up with their product-market combo, one wonders whether something like this could be a bit too early for large sections of the Indian farmer ecosystem. While they mention that the farmers could get carbon credits as the vehicle is zero emission, it is not clear how much that could tilt the balance economically.

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