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Electric motorcycle from startup Devot debuts

2023-01-19 | India

That's a fairly powerful motorcycle from Jodhpur based Devot Motors - 9.5 kW motor, 200 Km range, 120 Km top speed

  • Electric motorcycle


Notes by Narsi

Among other features, one thing that caught the eye was the smart charging option in 1 hour (normal charging timie: 3 hours) that can give a 60 Km range, something that could come in handy for many motorbike users.

But the bigger picture is the increasing number of startups coming out with electric motorbikes rather than electric scooters. A few days back I recall discussing with a co-founder at Hop Electric, a startup that originally was into electric scooters but now more keen on launching its electric motorbike.

What has changed in the last few years that has lead to this dramatically higher interest in electric motorbikes? Lower costs of batteries? Higher interest in the end user segment? Or is it just the need to be out of the me-too electric scooter crowd that is propelling startups to look at motorbikes? 

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